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Many Great Uses

Multiple Locations at Home

Find a decorative, environmentally friendly container to store your pods in. Preferably one with a lid to keep them safe and dry.
Fill the foaming bottle up with warm to hot water first, then put in the 3 bodpods and shake.

Hand Wash


Throw 3 bodpods under the flowing water as soon as you start filling the tub. This will create a tub full of luscious lather that will engulf you in softness.
Bodpods are perfect to take along for your outdoor adventures as well. Fully biodegradable and super portable they are perfect to bring along to the beach, surfing, boating, sailing, camping, hiking, mountain biking.

Away from Home

All Body Clean

Bring 2 pods into the shower with you. Start with one as your shampoo but make sure to store the other pod in a safe place away from the water spray. When you are done with your hair, grab the other pod and lather up with your favorite sponge or washcloth for the best body clean you may ever have.